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It’s all about hand-crafted greeting cards!

A greeting card or invitation from Ellen Burnett Designs is truly a work of art.  It begins with a carefully selected hand-stamped image; the selection of a paper stock that adds color, texture and tone.  And artistic color treatments, and shapes and textures or embellishments which all work together to shape the overall impression.  But the final message is yours. 

The inside of each card is left blank so that you can provide the perfect, personal message for the greeting or invitation.

 In this offering, you might find the same card in different categories.  The image and design are often appropriate for more than one occasion.

 But when you browse through the varied selections, you will probably come to one obvious conclusion; these are high-quality cards offered at a fair price.


A truly artistic fish rendering, with graduated colors for a most striking effect. Great note card or distinctive Fatherís Day card. ($1.00 of this card will be donated to The American Cancer Society in memory of my brother, Eric Kozek.)

Price : $3.5