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There is a noticeable difference with

An Ellen Burnett Designs Card

Ellen Burnett has been crafting greeting cards and invitations for over ten years. It is a passion that has been extremely rewarding. When she sends a card to friends or family members, many will call or e-mail to thank her for the exceptional message, and to praise her for her creative talents. 

When you pick up a card from Ellen Burnett Designs, You will notice an immediate difference.  The card has more weight and substance.  The front cover and inside message areas are usually of cover-stock weight, and both are double- matted.  Yet all fall within first class postal guidelines. 

The paper stocks are varied and imaginative. Each is selected as the most appropriate backdrop for the message and the meaning.  It might be a high–gloss texture, or full of shimmer.  It might have an imprinted pattern, or even include velvet or felt for added texture.  But they all have one element in common; they are of the highest possible quality.

The artistic touches are many and varied.  The central image might be cut-out and mounted for an extra dimensional effect.  The cards might be either hand colored, or hand painted.

Part of the artistry might include glitter or embossing, flocking or embellishments fastened with brads and eyelets.  Some might have a band of ribbon a decorative border or unusual folds. Each card is unique, invites touching, and prompts discovery.

A card from Ellen Burnett Designs provides a lot of extra value.  But it is offered at a price that is only slightly higher than those found at most mass-card-counters.

Clients often build a collection of cards which are appropriate for varied seasons or specific occasions.  And they, too, often receive a special “thank you” from those who receive them. 

These are cards that set you apart as a sender and add joy to those who receive them.



A truly artistic fish rendering, with graduated colors for a most striking effect. Great note card or distinctive Fatherís Day card. ($1.00 of this card will be donated to The American Cancer Society in memory of my brother, Eric Kozek.)

Price : $3.5