Custom Cards
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Ellen will work with you to create a custom designed invitation for any special occasion, such as a wedding, baby shower event or even a themed dinner party setting.

It all begins with your thoughts on a theme.  Perhaps it’s a special color that weaves throughout the event  or a flower image that has special meaning to you.  Or a special paper stock you would like to use, or an embellishment such as parchment.

Use the “Contact” section to outline the event, and your thoughts on a possible theme or presentation technique.  Ellen will contact you, discuss your ideas, and provide a guideline estimate for concept development.  When you approve the layouts for the concept, you will also get a firm timetable and cost estimate for completion.

Thank you!

A truly artistic fish rendering, with graduated colors for a most striking effect. Great note card or distinctive Fatherís Day card. ($1.00 of this card will be donated to The American Cancer Society in memory of my brother, Eric Kozek.)

Price : $3.5