Easter Cards

This little family of bunnies could get into all kinds of trouble. They all are as cute as a bunny’s ear. Bunnies and flower pots are cut out and mounted on a textured background stock.
SKU# : EC1107
Price : $4

This would be the prize egg in any Easter egg hunt. A beautiful pastel color, with dazzling glitter design elements. Mounted on a separate textured stock, and further mounted to a shimmering green book-weight paper stock.
SKU# : EC1106
Price : $4.25

Even Easter bunnies love to sit up and smell the flowers. The flower bed and the bunnies are cut out and mounted on a shimmering green background stock. Some flowers are glittered for added interest.
SKU# : EC1105
Price : $3.75

The joyful colors of freshly dyed Easter eggs, all in a neat egg carton. Some of the eggs are glittered for a “nice touch.”
SKU# : EC1104
Price : $3.5

Bunny bait to attract the Easter Bunny. One of the carrots is cut out and mounted on a shimmering orange stock for added dimension. A very different card designed to invite comment.
SKU# : EC1103
Price : $3.75

Little girls love “Pink.” And they will definitely love this adorable yellow bunny in a basket. Highlighted with pink ribbons, and cut out and mounted to a pink shimmering stock.
SKU# : EC1102
Price : $4

Perfect for the Grandson on your Easter card list. A cute yellow bunny in a basket, with appropriate blue ribbons and blue background textured stock. Illustration is cut out and mounted.
SKU# : EC1101
Price : $4