The perfect way to say “Let’s Party” …a flouncy party dress on a hanger just waiting for a special occasion! Use it as an invite to one or more of your special friends. Triple mounted with a color-complementing ribbon beneath.
SKU# : IN1008
Price : $4.5

A beautiful art deco effect invites friends or family to a celebration, or can be used to thank others for their celebration. The colorful olive becomes a focal point in a glittering martini glass.
SKU# : IN1007
Price : $4.75

Planning a trip to Vegas?Looking for a great invitation? Here it is. We help you get there. What happens there,stays there!
SKU# : IN1006
Price : $3.75

A truly versatile, all-in-one dinner invite. Add the month to the top, circle the date, and include the arrival time for a friendly invitation.
SKU# : IN1001
Price : $4.5

A cut-out wine glass set against a background of worldwide wine offerings. Perfect as a “Thank You,” or for those wine lovers on your party invitation list.
SKU# : IN1002
Price : $5.5

Coffee’s on! A stylistic coffee pot and coffee cup sets the stage for an invite, or a follow-up Thank You." Cup is glittered, cut out and mounted.
SKU# : IN1003
Price : $4.25

Who wouldn’t follow this more-than-friendly Italian Chef to your house for dinner? Hand colored, and cut out and mounted on contrasting paper stocks.
SKU# : IN1004
Price : $5.5

A friendly, whimsical backdrop for a bridal shower invitation. Some of the gifts are cut out and mounted. Add your event details to the inside of the card.
SKU# : IN1005
Price : $4.5