Holiday Cards

A myriad of hearts flow out of this glittering envelope. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, or simply as a “Lots of Love” message.
SKU# : HD1120
Price : $3.5

Light up your holidays with this magical Elf-like- character, jumping rope with a string of Christmas lights. A truly whimsical and joyful presentation.
SKU# : HD1019
Price : $3.75

A holiday hat with a glitter band captures the joy and warmth of the season. Topped off with a shiny, sparkling embellishment that invites touching.
SKU# : HD1018
Price : $3.75

A gold glittered Pine Cone is the focus for this handmade holiday card. A crisp, clean presentation with a three-layered effect.
SKU# : HD1017
Price : $3.75

Winter at its finest. Glitter snow piled high on a bough, with pine cones beneath
SKU# : HD1016
Price : $3.75

“The bird,” cut out and mounted to remind family and friends of the bounty and thanks that comes with Thanksgiving. A great dinner invitation.
SKU# : HD1015
Price : $4.5

Setting the stage for Halloween, this traditional spider, hanging from its web, is a jewel-like embellishment that adds dimension and realism.
SKU# : HD1014
Price : $4.25

“And now let us welcome the New Year Full of things that have never been.” This Rainier Maria Rilke message is inset into a beautiful holiday wreath.
SKU# : HD1013
Price : $5.5

“And now let us welcome the New Year Full of things that have never been.” A great message to start the new year, cut out and mounted against a printed,muted medley of holiday snow flakes.
SKU# : HD1012
Price : $3.95

You have to touch this one to appreciate the full effect. Shimmering snowflake embellishments are mounted against light blue panels with contrasting dark blue borders. All set against a shimmery gray paper stock. Stunning in every detail
SKU# : HD1011
Price : $5

Colorful, glittering ornaments, are cut out and fixed to the pine bough with a golden chain of thread. Wonderful depth and dimension to this seasonal card.
SKU# : HD1010
Price : $4.25

You can almost feel the Winter in this card. Ice encrusted branches, and icy patches beneath the trees speak to the season. Inside a "Celebrate the Season" message.
SKU# : HD1009
Price : $3.75

This stylized snowflake ensemble has a gold circled ruby- colored embellishment in each center that adds an extra sparkle and dimension to this Seasonal card.
SKU# : HD1008
Price : $4.25

This classic, glittering cut out Christmas Cardinal perches on a snow flocked tree branch. ‘Happy Holidays” signals a festive mood for the season.
SKU# : HD1007
Price : $4.5

A rich array of bold and muted holiday colors, with felt snowflake embellishments set against mounted panels connected with a candy cane string ribbon. This classic card is highlighted with beautiful shimmering paper stock. Rich in every detail.
SKU# : HD1006
Price : $5.25

A beautiful, embossed pine cone, cut out and mounted on a shimmering silver ribbon background. With a “Happy Holidays” message. Simple and highly stylized.
SKU# : HD1005
Price : $3.75

Friendly little cut out ghosts, in colorful sneakers, toting their “trick or treat” bags. Could be a great invitation to a Halloween party.
SKU# : HD1004
Price : $3.95

This one will make you shiver. A cutout, mounted Witch racing across the moon with a background of eerie embossed shapes filling the sky. Inside, a shaky “Happy Halloween” message with a descending spider.
SKU# : HD1001
Price : $4.5

A bit of Halloween magic or a macabre offering. Here is a headless waiter presenting his own head on a platter. Set against a glittering orange background color.
SKU# : HD1002
Price : $4.25